When you come to Children's Therapeutic Strategies, you are part of a select group. Angie is not just your child’s therapist, she is also your resource and supportive consultant.  Here you get a full package of help, treatment, ideas and support. 

Angie has a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Southern Nazarene University from Tulsa, OK and is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with experience in an agency non profit behavioral health and two private practice facilities.  She continues to participate in special training in play therapy and trauma training for the 0-3 and 4-18 age group. Angie has an extensive background in early childhood and evidence based practices for ages 0-6. She provides play therapy for young children 3-12, individual counseling for children and adults as well as parent coaching.

While specializing in therapy for young children, our practice connects well with families. Through the use of therapeutic and experiential activities, she helps families overcome obstacles and gain self confidence in parenting. Unique attention is given to the resistant child to help support parents in teaching natural and logical consequences.